Summer Term 2018

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Feedback from Parents

Nursery parent comments

We are extremely proud of our son for his achievements this year. He seems to have ‘grown up’ and his sharing is greatly improved. He has enjoyed his Nursery year and we are excited to see how he will develop in Reception. Thank you.

The progress our daughter has made over the last year at school has been amazing. She has without a doubt benefitted from all your hard work and extra work you have provided.

My daughter has loved every minute of being in Nursery, her confidence has really grown and we are very grateful to all the teachers in Nursery.

Fantastic report! Lovely to hear what she has been getting up to. I am impressed & amazed with how far she has come and cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.

Thank you to the teaching staff in Nursery for all the care and support you’ve given, without it my daughter wouldn’t have become so comfortable in Nursery.

Reception parent comments

We are both so pleased and very proud of how far our daughter has come and what she has achieved this year. She has done so well and she has really enjoyed her time in Reception. She is a lot more confident in herself and likes to show us and tell us about what she has learnt. Her reading and writing has come along really well and we hope her enthusiasm continues in Year 1. Thank you for all your help and support.

Fantastic to read such lovely comments about our daughter. From that shy, tearful girl back in September to how she is now. She has enjoyed every minute of Reception. We are so proud of how she is progressing with her reading, writing, number etc. Thank you to the wonderful staff who have supported her through her first year.

I’m very pleased to see my daughter has exceeded in several key areas of development. I’ve also seen improvement in her behaviour since the last term, and I am proud of her reading and writing. She is looking forward to Year 1.

We are so proud of how well our daughter has done in her first year at school. She has come on in leaps and bounds, with the support of all her teachers. Thank you for all your guidance. She has really blossomed this year.

Thank you for our daughter’s report and for the support you have given her during her time in reception. It has been amazing to see how quickly she has developed since starting school and we have been very impressed with her progress, especially in reading, which she seems to have picked up so quickly. She certainly loves to read now, whether it’s books and magazines at home or signs and shop names while we’re out and about – she seems to want to read everything! Even at bedtime she prefers to read stories herself now, instead of having them to read to her. We have also seen her confidence grow, especially amongst other children, which started in pre-school, but has continued to improve during Reception. She now seems to make friends quite easily and it is great to hear that she is a friendly member of her class and that she is a good example to others. She certainly seems to have enjoyed her time in Reception – she always loves going to school, which is great. A big thank you to her class teacher and all the other staff for giving her the best start in her schooling we could have hoped for!

I am very proud of my son and his year in Reception. He has progressed so well in all areas. His understanding of how his choices will affect others has matured and he is such a caring boy.

Thank you for all the wisdom you shared and you have set a great example for my son. He has loved every day at school and he is grateful to have been taught by such great teachers.

My daughter’s school report has made our family very proud. It was so lovely to hear she has come out of her shell and since school, her confidence has been amazing. I was so impressed to hear she has done so well in literacy and numeracy. I think phonics is so helpful as she is always sounding out words when we are out and about. I am truly grateful to the amazing teachers that have made this possible. She has had a fabulous year and her confidence has grown because of this support.

Thank you for my son’s first school report. We are very proud and happy with everything that has been written. We are extremely pleased with his progress since starting school and we will continue to work with him at home, on the things mentioned, such as his understanding and confidence.

We are so very pleased that our son has achieved so much in such a short period of time, especially as he is one of the youngest in the class. He has spent quality time reading in the evenings and this has shown in his results. He has always been a cheerful, funny and protective boy over his friends and family, which are great qualities. Thank you for your quality teaching and helping him through his first year. Best school ever!

Year One parent comments

My daughter has enjoyed this year at school. She has been very enthusiastic in learning her phonics and reading. Often correcting her sister’s spellings! She is looking forward to Year 2, but she is a bit nervous. We are very pleased with her report; she is working hard and has also made good friendships.

We are very pleased with what our daughter has achieved this year. That is down to the support and patience of the staff, you have all been fantastic with her. It’s lovely to read how far she has come and reading how well she is doing.

What a lovely report, we are so proud of our daughter’s achievements this year. She is always keen to tell and show us what she has learnt at school and also carry on with this work at home. She is always trying to improve on her writing whilst playing schools at home. It has also been a pleasure to assist on all of her school trips with her and her class and experience their extended learning out and about.

Both I and my husband are very pleased with our daughter’s progress this year. It is especially pleasing to see her independently reading her own story books at home.

Thank you so much, it’s lovely to hear how well our daughter is getting on. She really enjoys school and learning. We are amazed by her fabulous reading. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

We are incredibly proud of our son’s achievements this year, especially the effort he has put into his reading and writing. It is lovely to see his confidence grow over the year.

I am so proud how my daughter has come on this year. Her reading is improving quickly. It is nice to hear that she is polite and well mannered.

Thank you very much for my son’s lovely report and for all the support you have given him this year. We are very pleased with his progress and will continue to support him with his learning at home over the summer holidays to ensure he doesn’t fall behind. Thank you again for all your hard work.

It has been a pleasure seeing our daughter’s confidence grows over her time in Year 1. Thank you all so much for helping her on her learning journey which I’m sure will take her to exciting places in Year 2 and beyond.

What a wonderful report, personal too! I’m glad that my son is a nice, caring boy and I’m very proud of this report and read it to him. He understands about ‘carpet time’ and says ‘when people put their hand up they say the same as me’. I have told him there won’t always be lots of different answers. I have been so happy with his teacher and teaching assistant, they have helped him so much and made him the little character that he is! I am always happy to leave him in your hands!

We are really pleased with the amount of progress our daughter has made this year. She loves school and has really enjoyed telling us with excitement, about all the different topics she has done. She was over the moon to be elected on to the School Council. Each week she has been eager to do her homework and has come up with some great ideas! She is looking forward to continuing this in Year 2.

My son has really enjoyed and developed so much this year. His reading and writing has progressed so quickly. We couldn’t be more proud and look forward to his development and achievements in Year 2.

Thank you very much for our daughter’s fantastic report. We are very pleased with her progress in all areas. Thank you to all the staff in her class for their hard work and for supporting her. It’s lovely to hear that she’s doing well socially as well as academically. She’s loved Year 1 – she especially enjoyed science week. We’re proud of her and her enthusiasm towards learning and school.

Year Two parent comments

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed infant school and is sad to leave. We are extremely impressed by his progress throughout the years.

Thank you for such a lovely report. It is lovely to read about the adventures my son has had in Year 2. It has been a busy year and I know he has enjoyed his time at this school and is also excited to be starting junior school. Thank you for giving him such a good start.

I am really happy with the progress my son has made in Year 2. He has improved in every subject. I am especially pleased with his writing and reading and how far he has come in a school year. Thanks to everyone who has supported him in Year 2, I can’t thank you enough.

We are very proud to be reading such a glowing account of our son’s achievements this year. We agree that his handwriting has come on immensely. At home he has shown a real interest in reading, possibly for the first time, as Roald Dahl has captured his imagination. We love that he is thinking through the whole process during scientific experiments, with his analysis of the results too. We are not surprised about how much he has enjoyed PE. Thank you for all the help given to him throughout the year, which has enabled him to improve greatly in all areas.

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed Year 2 and will be very sad to leave. We are very happy with such a positive report and feel this reflects not only his attitude to give everything he is involved in 100%, but also your wonderful staff. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for the lovely comments about our daughter. She enjoys school and loves learning, so thank you for making school a place she feels happy in. We are proud of her report and agree with all the comments.

Thank you for this lovely report. It was a pleasure to read all the lovely comments about her and how well she has been doing. We are very happy and proud of her. It has been a great year for her.

Our daughter has loved attending school and has enjoyed telling us what she has learnt. She has worked very hard at home to improve her maths and has shown responsibility by ensuring her homework is done each week. We are very pleased with her progress and attitude. This report is very true to our own thoughts about her and we hope she enjoys junior school as much as infants.

I cannot thank you enough for the effort and the joy of learning you have provided my daughter with. We have seen a big difference in her confidence and willingness to try something before asking for help. She is going to miss you all.

Oh my goodness! I cried reading this! I’m so proud of my son and how hard he tries – even if he needs encouraging sometimes. It was lovely to read that he’s above expectations in maths and although not a shock at time this has been our ‘nemesis’.

We are very proud of our daughter’s report. She has worked very hard this year with her reading and writing. She has loved her teacher, she has told me she is her favourite.

We are thrilled to read such wonderful comments about our son. We are especially pleased to hear that he has started to focus better in class. He has loved being in Year 2 and only has superb things to say about his teacher. We would both like to thank her for all of her hard work. She has taught him to take pride in his academic

achievements, without squashing his spirit and the things which make him special! No easy feat! Thank you to the Head Teacher and all the staff. We are so sad to be coming to the end of our journey at your lovely, happy school. Knowing there is a team in place at junior school is hugely reassuring.

My son has enjoyed all of his time at Toftwood Infant School. He is passionate about learning and trying new things, which as a parent, is very pleasing. Thank you to his teacher and classroom staff for all your efforts with him this year. I am very proud of his progress and attitude.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed being a part of my son’s reading journey – his love of books and stories in wonderful for me to see and share. I am particularly pleased with the progress he has made in maths – he loves it!  He has an interest in curiosity that keeps me on my toes – constant questions – and all year I have been hearing all about his topics! He has loved his time in Year 2 and I have watched him thrive academically and seen his confidence grow, so thank you for your hard work and effort. I feel he is well prepared for junior school and hopefully he will be motivated to always do his best.

Thank you for all the extra support you have given my son. I’m very pleased with how far he’s come along.

My son sounds like he’s very good at school in all subjects. I have noticed how much he loves his maths – so pleased and overall, a very proud mummy.

My son absolutely loves school – but has particularly enjoyed Year 2 with his teacher. She has been fabulous, so encouraging and enthusiastic and she has really built his confidence.

Jayden has loved every minute of being in Year 2 and has loved her teachers! It’s lovely to hear she’s a pleasure to teach and tries hard with her work. We’re very proud of what she’s achieved and we thank the teachers that have made her time enjoyable and helped her to reach her potential. Hopefully, she will continue to excel in Year 3. She will miss infant school lots!

We are sad to see our daughter finishing at infant school. She has absolutely loved being there, to the point that she refused to ever have a day off! I think she has thrived at your school due to the inspiring environment and happy atmosphere. Fingers crossed her passion for learning will continue at her next school. Thank you all for the opportunities you have given her.

Thank you very much for your lovely comments about our son. We are very appreciative of the support he has received this year. He has enjoyed his final year at infants and has made great progress. His teacher has been brilliant for him and I have appreciated her openness and willingness to answer all my questions. We also appreciate all the hard work of the teaching assistants who have helped him. He told me that he is going to miss infants because he did ‘actually’ enjoy his time with you.

Thank you very much for helping my child to achieve great results and make us all proud.

The report for my son highlights what a fantastic year he has had. He has tried very hard and with support from the beginning by his teacher and teaching assistants, he has improved in his classroom skills and confidence. He is now ready for junior school due to this quality teaching.

Another year and another amazing report! This has had us in tears. I agree on all aspects of this report. My child absolutely loves to learn and I can’t praise her teacher and classroom staff enough. You have done an excellent job keeping up with her learning abilities and have never asked her to slow down. She has adored being at school every day! Thank you for everything, we will all miss this school and the excellent teachers.

We were both so thrilled when reading our daughter’s report. We are so proud of her and how well she has done. She has thoroughly enjoyed Year 2 and is always so keen to go to school. She has grown in confidence so much this last year. Thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful comments about my daughter. I am really pleased with this report. Thank you so much for all your help in the difficult times.

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